American Roulette: Features, How to Play and How to Win

The aim of the American Roulette game is the same as in European Roulette and French Roulette: to guess the number of the cell (slot) on the roulette wheel where the ball will fall. There are 38 numbered cells on the American roulette wheel, of which two cells give a casino advantage in the game of 5.26%. These are zero and double zero. The color of these cells is green, the rest of the numbers (from 1 to 36) are arranged in alternating red and black cells. Zero sectors are located opposite each other on the American roulette wheel, dividing the wheel into two sectors with 18 numbers.

Rules for accepting controversial bets in American roulette

As mentioned above, players independently place their internal and external bets on the playing field. The probability that the player will place the chip inaccurately is high. Such bets are considered controversial. In the process of spinning the ball in the wheel until the croupier announces the end of accepting bets, the players or the croupier can adjust the bets by placing them in the appropriate position on the playing field. But it may happen that neither the player nor the croupier managed to correct the chip on the bet during the spin of the ball, and after the announcement of the winning number it became not clear to which bet the player’s chip was placed. In these cases, special rules for accepting controversial bets, depending on the position on the playing field, apply. For example, if a chip in a number touches a line with a different number, such a bet does not count as a direct bet on the number, but as a bet on a pair (Split). If the Split bet touches the line of another pair of numbers, such a bet will be counted as a four-numberbet (Care). And read so on at

Purpose of American Roulette

American Roulette is an extremely simple game with only one goal: to correctly guess the slot number where the ball will land. A good guess will provide a nice prize payout according to the type and amount of your bet.

American Roulette Betting Limits

Each casino game has certain limits that determine the minimum and maximum value of the possible bets in one round. If you get close to the American roulette table, you will surely notice a small sign listing the betting limits at this table.

Basic rules of American roulette

There are several things you need to know before you start playing American Roulette in real casinos:

American Roulette uses special chips that are different from other casino chips. You must exchange your money or casino chips with the dealer at the table you are going to play at. Each player receives chips of his own color. This is done to ensure that the bets of different players do not mix.

After receiving the chips, you can start the game. Bets are placed on a specially drawn table on which all types of bets are marked. Place your chips on the bet you want to place.

Then the dealer will spin the wheel. You can change or add bets even after the wheel starts spinning and until the dealer tells you that no more bets will be accepted. After these words, you cannot change your rates.

As soon as the ball stops, the croupier will announce the winning numbers and mark it on the table using a dolly (special marker). After that the dealer will remove the losing bets and start giving chips to the winners From now on you can start placing bets on the next round of the game.